Revenue Department - VAOs Service Rules


(Introduced in G.O.Ms.No.943 Rev [VO] Dept dated  07-11-1990] read with G.O.Ms.No.1080 Rev [VO] dept dated 30-11-91]

1. Qualifications for Appointment as V.A.O.:

i) For Ex.Village Officers : Rule 8 (i) :

Pass in 7th class; Age not exceeding 58 years; and Nativity: in any one of the Villages in the group of the VAO concerned.

ii) For other than Ex.V.Os.: Rule 8(2) :

Pass in SSC or equivalent examination;

Age: Of above 20 years but below 35 years.

Nativity: In one of the villages in the group of the VAO concerned; and shall pass the prescribed special tests within two years from the date of appointment. Roster points to be observed as per G.O.Ms.No.390, Rev (V) Dept.dt.5-5-94.

iii) Compassionate Appointments:

Educationally qualified Spouse/Dependent children of a VAO. Who dies in harness before attaining the age of 62 years having no other earning member in the family shall be appointed as VAO as provided under Rule 12.


The V.A.O. can nominate a suitable and qualified person under Rule 8(1) subject to condition that, such nominee must have completed the age of 20 years but should not have completed the age of 58 years and he shall furnish personal security for such a sum as specified by the J.C. for the conduct of his nominee and for the safe custody of cash and important records. (Rule25) (G.O.Ms.445, Rev.dt.20-9-95).

HONORORIUM:       Rs.1550/- + 50/- per month to V.A.O.(G.O.Ms.No.453