Application for NOC Applications


Application format of NOC to be applied by the applicant


                                                      Affix Rs.2/- court fee stamp.






1.      Name of the Applicant            :          


2.      Fatherís/Husbandís Name                  :          


3.     Residential address or                         :            

address for communication                             


4.     Name of the owner of the       :          

property in question as                                   

on 28.1.1976.                                                



5.    Details of vacant land/                         :          

Land with building or                          

which U.L.C Clearance is

sought for.


            a) Extent of vacant land in        :          



            b) Extent of built up area in      :          



            c) Location of the land Village/              :          



            d) Premises No.                                   :          

               (Construction permission and

               map to the rule copies to be



            e) Land use classification as                  :          

               per Master-Plan(enclose

               certificate duly obtained



            f) Whether any part of this land             :          

               was covered by any structure

               If Yes evidence of existence 

              of structure. (House tax paid

              receipts, Water Bills,

              Electricity Bills, Showing H.No.



6.     How title acquired and year of             :          

acquisition. (succession/                                  





7.     Document copy and link document      :          

if any (wherever applicable

shall be enclosed) duly attested

by S.O.




8.     Total vacant land held by the   :          

        Applicant in H.U.A. or other

Agglomerations on his/her spouse

and minor children with details.




9.     Any declaration or statement               :          

filed U/s.6(1) of the U.L

(Ceiling & Regulation) Act,1976.

If so mention C.C.No. and

enclose order copy if any.




10.   Have or your spouse or minor             :          

        children sold any vacant land

lands after 17.2.1975.




11.  Purpose for which the clearance          :          

is sought for.



          The above particulars are true to the best any knowledge.




Date:                                                                                           ( Signature )