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              Govt. have passed A.P. Water, Land and Trees Act 2002, and Rules 2002, to promote water conservation and tree cover and to regulate the exploitation and use of ground and surface water for protection and conservation of water sources, land and matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

              In G.O.Ms.No.224 P.R. and R.D.(RD IV) Dept.,dt.15-06-2002, Govt. have communicated the AP Water, Land and Trees Rules 2002 which were came into force w.e.f 15-06-2002.

            According to Rule 9(1)(a) of Rules 2002, the MRO is designated as the Ex-Officio Chairman of the Mandal Authority. According to Rule 10 he along with other members shall conduct meetings. The member secretary i.e., the Asst. Executive Engineer, Rural Water Supply has to fix the time, date & place of the meeting of Mandal Authority with the approval of the Chairman/MRO.

               All decisions in the meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present by raising of hands for approval of decision.


              The Mandal Authority shall have to ensure that, every owner of the well in his jurisdiction, to register his well with the Mandal Authority (Rule 11) obtains permission for new wells on payment of fee (Rule 12) Impose conditions for such permission (Rule 13), regulate wells in over exploited areas (Rule 14) taking over of well to ensure drinking water (Rule 15) Registration of Rigs (Rule 17) Prohibition of Water contamination (Rule 18) Land use and water quality (Rule 19) Water Cess (Rule 20) modification of land use and ceiling on water use (Rules 21 and 22).


                 According to Rule 23 of APWLAT Rules 2002, in areas where sand mining is affecting the ground water regime, such of the areas shall be notified and transportation of sand shall be banned in category I, II & III ground water micro basins/Mandals and for other areas, conditions stipulated in the Rule 23 are applicable.


                According to Rule 24 of the APWLAT Rule 2002, every owner of a residential area, /commercial area shall have to plant small or medium variety of plant as prescribed in sub rule (i) and (ii) of rule 24. The local authority having jurisdiction shall grant building permission subject to the condition that the owner shall plant prescribed number of trees.

               The owner of the premises who desires to fell a tree have to apply in writing to the designated officer (to be appointed by the Govt. or District Authority by a separate order sub rule 4 and 5 of Rule 3) for permission to fell the tree by paying Rs.50/- in urban areas and Rs.25/- in rural areas. The designated officer should dispose the application within 15 days from the date of receipt of application by him (24 (4 to 6)) the permission to fell a tree may be granted subject to the condition that the applicant shall plant another two trees within 30 days from the date the tree is felled in the same place or at other suitable place.

OFFENCES (Rule 25)

                Any violation of the provisions of the act & rules shall be booked in the offence report in form 4. The designated authority can seize any instrument or machinery, or any other device, vehicles or other conveyance or any other movable property used in or involved in committing such offence.


             The designated officer may compound the offences, as per the quantum of compounding fee prescribed in sub rules i, ii & iii of rule 26(1).

APPEAL (Rule 27)

             Any person aggrieved by any order made by the designated officer may appeal to the dist. authority within 30 days from the date of receipt of order.


             The amount received by Mandal/District/State Authority shall be credited to the respective authority by way of cash or D.D. in a Govt. A/c to the operated by jointly by member secretary and chairman of the authority.


               The annual report of the authority about its activities in an year in the format prescribed by the Govt. has to be sent to Govt. as per due date fixed by the Govt.


The A.P Water, Land and Trees Act,2002

The A.P Water, Land and Trees Rules,2002


For Official Use:

Form 1--Register of wells

Form 2-- Application for digging well

Form 3-- Permission for digging a Well

Form 4-- Offence report

Form 5--List of Seizures

Form 6-- Certificate of safe custody

Form 7-- Compounding order

Form 8-- Receipt for compounding fee

Form 9-- Abstract of accounts

Form 10-- Application for permission from AP TRANSCO (Electricity Dept.)

Form 11 a-- Application for permission for felling trees.

Form 11 b-- Permission for felling trees.

form 12-- Application for Registration of Drilling Rigs

Form 13--Registration of rights.