Survey and Boundaries Act


                                 Patta Sub Divisions
                                 Sub Divisions in Poramboke field/LA. cases
                               Survey in Telangana Region
                                Procedure for Demarcation of Private Land


In is necessary lo maintain the (a) Survey marks on ground (b) Field measurement book (c) Village plan and (d) Settlement Register (Diglot/Settlement Fair Adangal) upto date by effecting changes that occur day to day on account of sale, gift, partition, succession, acquisition, alienation, assignment, relinquishment, change of classification, etc., of land, for the following purposes.

i)     To protect the Government lands from encroachments.

ii)    To settle boundary disputes between private lands;

iii)   To correctly assess Land Revenue and other taxes for each holding, and

iv)   To enable the ryots to establish their right over their holding in a court of law.

U/s. 15 of the S &s B Act (Vlil of 1923) every registered holder (owner) of land is bound to maintain, renew and repair all survey stones on the boundaries of his holdings. It shall be the duty of every Village Assistant to ensure that the Survey stones are not tampered with and when he notice and missing survey stones during his cycle of Inspections, he should report the particulars to the Mandal Surveyor through the Mandal Revenue Inspector together with draft notices u/s 15 (2) which are to be signed either by the Mandal Revenue Inspector or Mandal Surveyor and served on the ryots concerned. The Mandal Surveyor during his visits should renew the missing stones in cases in which 15 days time expired after service of notices issued u/s. 15 (2) and the maintenance charges shall be recovered from the ryots concerned as per rules.

The procedure to be followed in respect patta sub divisions and sub divisions in poramboke fields/L.A. cases is follows:-

Patta Sub Divisions

1.    Initial measurement is done by the the Villiage Secretary.

2.     No formalities under S & B Act need to be observed.

3.    Additional durable demarcation is not involved.

4.    A single set of statement and sketch are to be prepared.

5.    The file is sent for final scrutiny to the Inspector of Survey after incorporating changes in the village accounts.

6.     D-Sketch is not corrected in the village.

7.     Only one certificate under B.S.O 34 A-Para 13 (b) is to be appended.

Sub Divisions in Poramboke field/LA. cases

1.    Initital measurement done by the Mandal Revenue Inspector or by Mandal Surveyor or by special staff.

2.     Formalities under the S & B act are to be observed.

3.    Additional durable demarcation is involved.

4.    They are to be prepared in triplicate.

5.    The file is sent for prescrutiny before incorporation of the changes in village accounts and for final scrutiny after incorporating changes in village accounts.

6.     D-Sketch has to be corrected.

7.     In addition to the certificate prescribed under B.S.O 34-A. para 13 (b)., the following certificate is also to be appended. "Certified that the Sub divisions are measured by me on ground and also durably demarcated.

In cases of patta sub divisions, the Mandal Surveyor has to incorporate changes in the village accounts viz. (a) V. A. Nos. 2; 3 and 10 (]); (b) F.M.B.. (c) Diglot, (d) Col No. (2) of 'A'and 'B' stone registers. The changes in the Mandal copy of settlement register will be done under the attestation of the Mandal Revenue Officer and those in the Mandal copy of F.M.B. will be incorporated by the L. R. draftsman during his tours. This item of work will be attended to by the Special staff appointed if any in cases of acquisitions for projects etc.

The maintenance set of village maps are kept upto dote by the Asst. Director, (Survey] at the Collectors Office by incorporating the new survey numbers and now details and deleting-old details if any in them.

Following are the general nature of application received from registered land-holders in the Office of the Mandal Revenue Officer.

SI. No.                 Nature


1 .   For demarcation of boundaries 2.  For supply of copies of field maps 3.  For creation of new sub divisions  

Rs. 10/ per F. line/boundary line

Rs. 10/- per map.

Rs. 10/- per sub division

Tribals are exempted from the payment of fee for creation of new sub divisions. Similarly the S. Cs, S.Ts. and B. Cs. who were allotted House sites are also exempted from the payment of demarcation charges. All applications for the above purposes are to be made in writing duly affixed with Court Fee lable worth Rs. 2/- in each case.


1.  Important Survey Records

i) Sethwar Register:- This is the important survey Register, which will have the details of survey numbers Government or Inam, Name of the Chatedar, total area, pote-kharab area, balance area "Dar" and the Assessment. In case of wet lands, it will give the details of single crop or double crop, details of irrigationa! sources etc.

ii)   Wasool Bogl Register- Wasool Bagi Register will have two parts-in one part, all old entries i.e., old survey number, old area and old assessment will be entered and on the second port, its corresponding entries of new survey will be recorded. This is also called as the "Correlation Register". This register is is arranged basing upon the names of Khatedars in alphabetical order.

Hi) Village Map:- Village Maps are printed in the Central Survey office under very costly, sophisticated offset printing machine and other machines. Printed village maps are supplied to the concerned District suvey maintenance units and also Revenue units, The maps are printed in two scales.

a)    for dry lands 8" - one mile (single scale) i.e. one inch=20 chains of 33.

b)    for wet fields 16" - one mile (double scale) i.e, one inch= 10 chains of 33.

These maps will have details of all the survey numbers of the village both agricultural, non-agricultural including, topographical details.

W) leepan Book:- This is also known as the Field measurement Book, which will have the field measurement sketches of all individual Fields-Basing upon these measurements, the survey numbers are demarcated and disputes settled maps are drawn and areas calculated mathematically only on the measurements recorded in this book.

V) Classer Register:- The important details of which this register contains, are "Bhaganas" and "panicilass" besides (be details of name of Khafedar, total extent etc. BHAGANAS indicate the fertility of the soil and PANICLAS gives the gradations of sources of irrigation.

2.   Survey Records which are suit to Revenue:

After completion of process of "Announcement" and "Appeal Hearing" one set of sethwar, wasool Bagi and village maps are sent to concerned Tahsif offices (Revenue Mandals) for implementation. Accordingly during the Jamabandi the survy records are implemented in Revenue Records. The entire Revenue records and Land Revenue collections are as such based on survey Records only.

3.   Procedure for Demarcation of Private Land:

The Spl. Commissioner and Director of Survey Settlements A.P., Hyderabad hide his letter Re. No. Nl/ 6543/1999 dated 25.07.2001 issued the following guidelines for Demacrafion of Lands.

(i) Demarcation of land being the primary and the only duty of the Mandal Surveyors, petitions for demarcation of boundaries from the private parties shall be entertained by the concerned Mandal Revenue Officers only and Mandal Surveyors shall conduct demarcation after written approval of the MROs concerned as per BSO and Mandal pattern of administration.                  

(ii) Aggrieved by the proceedings of the Mandal Surveyors, parties may file first appeal if so desired before the Revenue Divisional Officer for the demarcation by the Deputy Inspector of Surveys of concerned Revenue Division. Thus, the Revenue Divisional Officer shall entertain the first appeal only and Deputy Inspector of Surveyors shall conducted the demarcation after approval in writing by the Revenue Divisional Officer concerned.

(iii) Aggrieved by the proceedings of the Deputy Inspector of Survey, parties may file Second appeal, if so desired before the Assistant Director for demarcation by the Inspector of Survey of District maintenance unit and Inspector of Survey shall conduct demarcation after approval in writing by



Subsequent appeal, if any, i.e. third appeal may be filed if so desired before me Assistant Director, Survey and Land Record of the concerned District. Thus an appeal against the proceedings o! (Inspector of Survey and Land Records of District maintenance units shall be entertained by the Assistant Director, Survey and Land Records and Assistant Director Survey and Land Records shall conduct demarcation. However there is no objection to conduct the demarcation by taking approval of the Joint Collector either in the form of tour programme or in the concerned file by the Assistant Directors concerned.

Appellants in every case shall enclose along with their appeal petition necessary documents in proof of being an affected / interested parties along with details of the demarcation done by the lower functionaries along with a challan remitting the prescribed fee.

(vi) All the officers who are authorised to entertain the original petition / appeal petition as shown above shall issue an endorsement to all the concerned parties in each case, if necessary, that demarcation of the lands in question is done by the Survey Officials by specifically mentioning the name and designation of official who conducted demarcation soon after the receipt of the compliance report from the concerned, so as to enable the effected parties to file an appeal, if any. It shall be mentioned that appeal lies to whom and that appeal, if any, shall be filed with in (90) days from the date of receipt of such endorsement.

(vii) The Mandal Revenue Officers may be informed of the above by the Assistant Directors concerned,

(viii) No petition / appeal shall be entertained directly, by passing the hierarchy of Survey Officers. In case any petition is received through parties or other wise by any officers other than the Mandal Revenue Officers, it should be immediately returned to the party advising him to whom he has to approach.


The Andhra Pradesh Survey and boundaries Act 1923