Survey Department-Functions

                                   General Functions

                                   Performance Indicators
                                   Individual Functions

Survey & Land Records Wing attends to maintenance work of revenue/survey records ie;

  • Maintenance of Survey operations to keep the Land Records uptodate.

  • Demarcation of lands.

  • Maintenance of Survey Records at village, Mandal. District & State Level.

  • Demarcation of boundaries of Sy. Nos on the request of the Pattedars/ private persons on payment of prescribed Fee.

  • Sub-Division of Land in Patta Sy.Nos on the request of the private parties on payment of prescribed Fee.

  • Supply of certified copies of Survey Records ie. FMBs, Tippans,Resurvey Settlement Register (RSR), Digilot register in Andhra area,setwar & Wasool Baqi in Telangana area on payment of prescribed Fee.

  • Sale of maps. ie. Village Maps, Taluk/Mandal Maps, dist. Maps from Central Survey Office on payment of prescribed Fee. Note: The Fee particulars are given in the Frequently asked Questions Page .

  • Conduct of street survey of all Major Gram Panchayats on advance remittance of cost of re-survey to Government.

  • Conduct of need - based re-survey of all agricultural lands in villages either by collecting required Fee or by getting aid from Government.

  • Conduct of re-survey of all towns, municipalities & Corporations on advance remittance of cost to state.


                     As per the guidelines issued by the Planning Department, Seven Performance Indicators were adapted by this Dept.

Public Relevance

  1. Sub-divisions of land records.

  2. Demarcation of lands.

  3. Incorporation of Changes of lands.

  4. F.M.Bs:

Departmental Relevance

  1. Metric Conversions.

  2. Mandal Inspections.

  3. Field Inspections.

  1. Sub-Division of lands/ Records:

    • Sub-division work is an important item of work..

    • Ryots require sub-division due to transfer of land, succession, court sale, court orders, sale, partitions and gifts acquisition etc,.

    • Necessary to make ryots to know of field boundaries of their lands.

    • Even illiterate land holders to identify measurements and extents of each side of land. Helps to update land records which can reduce land disputes.

    • Essential for assignment of Government lands, surplus ceiling lands for the benefit of poor people under welfare scheme.

    • Necessary for all types of land acquisitions both for land holders and Government.

    • Helps to determine correct area under acquisition and to decide compensation. It also helps in updating survey & land records and reduces future litigations.

    • Shows latest ownership details on ground and in record.

  2. Demarcation of lands

    • Land records reflect boundaries as surveyed at the time of last surveys. In day to day life, land disputes arise due to alteration of boundaries with vested interest by adjoining land holders and also due to transfer of ownership of land, from conveyance of properties due to sale, family partition, succession, court sale, court orders, gifts, exchange, release deeds, wills, adoption etc.,

    • Some times, the land holders may entertain doubts about their boundaries due to various reasons. In all such cases and the Surveyor will refix boundaries of lands with reference to measurements recorded in F.M.B. Since all these boundaries are validated, it gives Finality for disputed lands about correctness of boundaries and also reduces civil litigations.

    • Court judgements are normally based on FMB,s/ Tippons and demarcation of lands by Surveyors.

  3. Incorporation of Changes of ownership of lands

    • Land records such as F.M.B., village plan and settlement registers show details of owner ship as on the date of previous survey.

    • In due course, ownership passes from one person to another due to sale, exchange, partition, transfer of land and ownership, succession, court sale, court order, release, wills, adoption etc., Sub-division work of their lands involve creation of new boundaries and their measurements. But to update ownership particulars, details have to be incorporated in concerned revenue and survey records following procedure.

    • Surveyors as per orders of Mandal Revenue Officer update both F.M.Bs and settlement register to ensure records reflect ground realities.

    • Finality for ownership, cultivation and enjoyment of lands/ house sites.

  4. Metric conversion of Survey & land records

    • Prior to introduction of Metric System, all Street surveys & towns & Corporations villages were surveyed in Gunter system. At present all survey measurement work is being carried out by using metric chain and sketches are prepared using metric scale. Standards of Weights & Measurements Act, stipulates that all records and measurements recovered in Metric System and violation result in penalty. Government ordered that all records prepared in Gunter system should also be converted into metric system.

    • Surveyor and Computer Draughtsmen are entrusted with conversion of Gunter measurements into Metric.

    • Public are benefited to have Metric system.

    • About one third of work is completed as on date.

  1. Tippons/ Field Measurement Book

    • As per the Standards of Weights & Measurements Act, 1976 all survey records are to be prepared and maintained in Metric System. Public should also be supplied field sketches and maps with metric measurements.

    • Statutorily it is necessary to replot all old survey records from Gunter scale to metric system to avoid legal complication. Hence Surveyors / Computer Draughtsman are entrusted with work of preparation of Tippans/ F.M.Bs. in Metric System on priority basis after converting all Gunter measurements into Metric Scale.

  2. Annual Physical verification of Survey & Land Records at Mandal/ Village Level

    • Land records are basically of two kinds. One set of records consisting of FMBs., Village Maps & RSRs / Fair Adangals are called Permanent Records. Second set of records called auxiliary records including 10(1) account, D-Sketch, Stone Registers are prepared for day to day use in maintenance. Besides these records, following Mandal Registers are maintained:


Register - 4

Darkasht Register.


Register - 5

Relinquishment Register


Register - 6A

Transfer of patta cases referred by Registration Dept.


Register - 6B

Transfer of patta land as reported by village officers.


Register - 7

Register of Change of classification.


Register - 8A

Register of sub-divisions.



State Land Register Register of Government lands.



Surplus Lands Register.


    • Registers are essential to keep record of subsequent changes in sub-divisions in all villages in the Mandal.

  1. Field Inspection of Lands

    • Public will be aggrieved and dissatisfied with survey work of Surveyors if it contains avoidable errors, either intentional or unintentional.

    • Field work done by Surveyors shall be good quality and technically error free. Subjective recording of Surveyors from time to time lead to some errors, mistakes in survey work. Sometimes intentionally errors and omissions are committed.

    • It may also result in unending and costly Civil litigations.

    • During field inspections, senior officers detect such errors and validate records. Annual Targets are given under each Performance Indicator and closely monitored to attain cent percent achievement.