Revenue Department - Remissions

                                                      Ineligible Cases
                                                      Scales of Remissions
                                                      Procedure for claiming Remissions

The remission and suspension of land revenue shall be governed by the A.P. Land Revenue Remission and suspension Rules, 1968.


1.       CONDITIONS:

        Remission of Land revenue shall ordinarily be granted when the land is left waste or the crop is lost for one or more of the following reasons:

          i)    Lack of water from Government source of irrigation.

          ii)   Extensive damage to crop due to pests or pestilence.

          iii) Submersion/inundation rendering cultivation of the land impossible; and

          iv) for any other reason beyond the control of the ryot like act of State or of God.


          No seasonal remission of land revenue shall be granted in the following cases :

          a)   If leaving the land as waste and failure of crop are due to ryot's neglect.

          b)   If inspite of adequate supply of water second Crop is not raised in single crop wet land, due to ryot's neglect. (In these cases, the remission granted if any, for first crop may be revoked (Rule-5).

          c)   Mamul waste lands.

          d)   Dry lands.


Remission of land Revenue shall be granted in respect of wet lands at the following scales: (Rule 6).

Paddy crop yield per acre:                               Scale of Remission

400 Kgs and below                                         Full remission

Above 400 Kgs. and below 600 Kgs                Half remission

600 Kgs and above                                         No remission


1/3 and below of the normal yield.                Full remission

Above 1/3rd and below 2/3rds of                  Half remission

the normal yield

2/3rds of the normal yield and above            No remission

For purposes of Rules 6 and 12, the District Collector shall in consultation with the Director. Bureau of Economics and Statistics and also in consultation with the Director of Agriculture, if necessary, fix the normal yield of the different crops for each district or part of the district, in terms of Kilograms per acre, and shall notify the same in the District Gazette for information of the ryots.


a)       The ryot who desires to claim remission shall submit a written application to the M.R.O/M.R.I, specifying in it the fields for which remission of land revenue is sought.

b)       Within 30 days of the application, the M.R.I should inspect crop and submit his report to the M.R.O. The M.R.O shall inspect a fair percentage of fields (not less than 10% of the fields) in each village. The R.D.O shall also inspect some fields in the Village and random cutting experiments be arranged in any village where the area covered by remission application exceeds 50 acres.


A.P. Land Revenue Remission and suspension Rules, 1968.