Revenue Department- A P Freedom Fighters Pension Rules 

        Pension  -Grant of pension to freedom fighters from the  State  Funds-Sanctioned-Order Issued

            {G.O.Ms No 25, Revenue   (F F.)   Department, dated   the   4-1-1979.}

            Read the following: -

            G.O.Ms.No. 1060, Revenue (F.F.) Department, dated 20 6-1978

                        Order:-Under the Freedom Fighter's Pension Scheme, 1972 formulated  by the  Government of India, Freedom Fighters are eligible to  receive a monthly  pension of Rs. 200/- and above subject to certain  conditions like jail sufferings for a period of six months or more and that their income did not exceed Rs. 5.000/- per annum.

            2. Representations had been coming in constantly from all parts of the State  for  a  long  time stating that the  period    of  six   months imprisonment and the income criterion   would   debar a large   number of  freedom  fighters from getting pension benefit  for  the  services rendered by them for the sake of the country.    The  Government of India  did   not   liberalise their pension scheme.     Therefore,  it was   considered necessary   to have a separate scheme by   the  State Government.    Pursuant   to   this,   a   Fact Finding Committee  was constituted by the Government in the G.O   read above to give a report about  the number for Freedom Fighters in the State and their detailed  particulars   who, for various   reasons,   have not been able to  get any pension from the Government of India or from any other source.

  3.  The  Fact  Finding   Committee   of the Freedom  Fighters  met  at Hyderabad  on  5th July, 1978 and   based on that meeting   and  after taking  into consideration all relevant factors, the  Government  have decided    to  introduce  a    scheme    of   pension    to    Freedom Fighters   in   the   State. Accordingly, the Government sanction with effect  from the 6th March, 1978 a scheme for the grant of pension  to Freedom Fighters who have suffered imprisonment etc., before the  15th August,  1947    in  Andhra  Area  and the  17th  September,  1948  in Telangara Area  of   the State.    The    Freedom  Fighters  who worked  underground for the cause of independence  and who lost  their  jobs  during the freedom  struggle   are also  eligible  for  pension.  Eligible persons are required to  produce necessary authentic evidence in   support  of  the  imprisonment,  underground    sufferings   etc. Detailed rules relating to the scheme are annexed to this order.

4.  The  pension payable to each Freedom Fighter shall  be  Rs.  200/-  (Rupees  two  hundred only) per month and in the case of  families  of Free  dom Fighters it will vary from Rupees One hundred to Rupees  two hundred per month.

  5.  The Government further direct that all those Freedom Fighters  and  their families referred to in paragraph 3 above shall also be entitled to  the same facilities as ate existing for other Freedom Fighters  in respect of educational concessions, medical aid, employment facilities   etc.

6.  The  expenditure on   account of pension to    Freedom    Fighters  will be on   a "New   Service"   Pending sanction  of the  Legislature for  a supplementary   giant, the   initial expenditure   will be  met by    taking   an advance from the Contingency Fund, orders  regarding  which will be issued separately.

7.  The  expenditure will be debited to a new sub-head  to  be  opened under the Major Head '"266 Pension and Other retirement Benefits", viz "Pensions to Freedom Fighters".         

8. This order issues   with the concurrence  of    the   Finance   and Planning   (Finance   Wing)     Department  vide   their   U   O.   No 4458/FPSP/78, dated 4-1-1979. 

            (By Order and in the Name of the Governor of Andhra   Pradesh)

             N. RAMESAN

            Secretary to Government.