Revenue Department - Mineral Acts


The Director of Mines & Geology has nominated the M.R.O's and the M.R.Is in the State to exercise powers under Sub Rules (1) and (2) and under sub-rule (3) of Rule-26 respectively as indicated below (vide G.O.Ms.No.339 Ind & Com. (M.V) Dept. dt10-7-89 and progs No.19811/ K3/89-Dt.12-1-91 of the Director of Mines and Geology, A.P. Hyderabad.)

Powers of Mandal Revenue Officer :

1) If any person carried on quarrying operations or Transports Mines/Minerals in contravention of the A.P. Mines Mineral Concession Rules, 1966, the M.R.O may impose penalty not exceeding 10 times the seigniorage fee together with assessment (Rule 26(1).

2) If Any person raised or Transports Minerals without any Lawful

authority, the M.R.O may seize such minerals in addition to the imposition of penalty as stated above (Rule 26(2)

Powers of Mandal Revenue Inspector :

For any purpose under these Rules, the M.R.I may (a) enter and inspect any premises; (b) Survey and take measurements; (c) Weigh, measure or take measurements of stocks of minerals; (d) Examine any document, book, register or record connected with any mineral including the processed mineral and place marks of identification thereon and take extracts from or make copies of such document, book, register or record; and (e) Order the production of any such document, book, register, record as is referred to in Clause (d) (Rule 26 (3).


The AP Mines Mineral Concession Rules, 1966