[ SECTION 4(1)(b) X (IV) ]
15.1 - Please provide the details of information related to the various schemes of the department which are available in electronic formats. (Floppy, CD, VCD, Web site, Internet etc.,)
Sl. No.        
  Electronic Format Description (site address / location where available etc., ) Contents or title Designation and address of the custodian of information (held by whom)
  C.D. O/o.Special Officer & Competent Authority, Urban Land Ceiling, Chandravihar, 3rd Floor, Nampally, Hyderabad U.L.C. Acts and Rules Asst. Information Officer, Spl.Tahsildar-III
    Regularisation of Surplus lands procedure under G.O.MS.No.455 & 456, dt:29-7-2002  
15.2 - Describe particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information including the working houses of a libray or information center or reading room maintained for public use where information relating to the department or records / documents are made available to the public.
Receiption center is located in the office premises located in the 3rd Floor in the Chandra Vihar Complex
M.J Road, Hyderabad information requested will be made available to the public during the office hours.